Latte Art Throwdown + A Little Update on Where I Am (In Life)

by shelbinator3000

Now I’ve got no idea how many people legitimately follow what I post on here – those who do: thanks for not casting me away merely for the lack of content I produce, however infrequent.

Last I did update anyone, I was working for a to-be multi-roaster coffee bar concept that never quite happened. That’s alright. I’m currently working at a new creperie in Tempe, Ariz. and couldn’t be happier working with some of the greatest chefs I know and can call friends, heading a coffee program that buys its beans from MadCap (of Grand Rapids, Mich.) and tries it’s best to be delicious, approachable, and an absolute asset alongside the items coming our of our kitchen.

And we did what all emerging coffee shops do at one point or many others: held an awesome latte art competition. It was an absolute pleasure inviting strangers and friends to watch some of us execute the final step in the coffee chain – legitimately the last .00001% – of laying art across the top of an espresso.

Oh, and there’s a video produced by my good friends at Royal & Design, a media marketing team here in Phoenix. Suspending reality, it makes us all look like action movie stars and race car drivers – which, for a barista party, is darn impressive.