A Conversation With Your Coffee: A Sneak Peak From My Travels

by shelbinator3000

Spontaneously, as in hardly planned at all, my friend Alex Devine and I took a road trip to San Francisco. We stopped in Los Angeles on the way there and back, and I’d confidently say – at least in the specialty coffee world – we had hit all of the big ticket destinations.
There was so much to appreciate in each shop – architecture, design, bar flow, equipment, culture, and most importantly the coffee itself.
For a quick preview to wet your palate, I decided to focus on the direct exchanges between baristas and customers. Pay close attention to eye contact, warmth, and smiles – there are plenty to go around! Community and fantastic coffee are what brings these sets of people together and gives them desire to start their day out this way more and more often.

A regular at Ritual Coffee Roasters who, funny enough I saw the next day at Four Barrel, exchanges friendly words with the baristas before he leaves for the day.

Four Barrel's slow bar barista hands two men their hand-brewed cups of coffee in the morning.

At Four Barrel the barista gives a man a smile with the drink she's prepared for him.

Fresh off a Saturday morning bike ride, a couple jokes around and orders coffee with Kurt, a barista at Sightglass Coffee.

Before coffee and literally over pastries, a barista at Intelligentsia in Venice, Calif. takes time to greet his friend and ask him how he is enjoying the Abbot Kinney Festival outside.

A customer approaches to retrieve her drink as Brent, a barista at Intelligentsia in Silver Lake, Calif. pours what I might have suggested should have been a heart design in her drink.

From San Francisco to Los Angeles.