Diver-Sipping: Espresso Diversity and Cappuccino Sipping

by shelbinator3000

Specs: 6oz combination of Black Market Espresso (Cartel Coffee Lab, Tempe) and steamed Clover milk, tulip design

Yesterday morning I woke up and, as soon as I could persuade nature and bike-riding physics to see fit, I was drinking a cappuccino.
It was crafted from an excellent barista, and the drink itself forced nature’s hand as well – for I felt that it need not be ranked in my life amongst other cappuccinos, nor against perfections of coffee-crafting my mind could conjure.
It was perfect in it’s own respect.
You see, at this level of craft where quality and skill shake hands, I realized that never again will I have a cappuccino that tastes quite like this (since espresso has a wide range of variables the resulting flavor is not easily repeated; even by the most consistent barista).
But, when espresso is this tasty and is becoming increasingly easy to find, diversity becomes a blessing that I embrace. So, rather than risk over-analyzing my drink (which would only lead to letting it cool far too long between sips), I do something that seems revolutionary.
I simply sit and relish my first and last Seth Mills, Thursday the 8th of September, 2011 cappuccino.
Six ounces of tasty steamed milk and espresso: it was simply that good. All else yielded to my sense of taste and I came to a conclusion: it had never felt in such good taste to think so simply.
An (inspired) blog post ensued.